Penguin MDIAssess Osseointegration for Mini Dental Implants

The Penguin MDI kit include:

Penguin MDI Instrument
MulTipeg Driver, MDI MulTipeg, Locking Screw Driver
Users Manual

Carrying bag



Penguin MDI is distributed to the U.S market only, and is available exclusively at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T

The Procedure

By mounting an MDI MulTipeg onto the implant, the measurement is made in a second. Just aim for the magnet on top of the MulTipeg.

Non-invasive, objective, accurate and repeatable.

The technique behind the Penguin MDI is called Resonance Frequence Analysis (RFA) and the measurement unit is named MDI Stability Coefficient (MSC). 

The higher the MSC value, the better the stability. Implants with low and/or dropping MSC values seem to pose an increased risk for failure compared with implants with high and/or increasing values.

Implant dentistry has changed significantly in the past several decades. Mini Dental Implants are becoming increasingly popular in dental care. Because of their smaller size, they are often used in cases of limited bone anatomy.

With the growing demand for fewer dentist visits, lower-cost procedures, and shorter recovery times, limited healing period adds pressure on the clinical team because, if case conditions are suboptimal, poor primary stability could increase the risk of implant failure.

The Penguin MDI solves this problem by accurately and predictably measuring implant stability to support the dentist’s decision of when to load the implant, improving the outcomes for the patient.